Financial Services

EZ Solutions focuses in providing consulting services to the capital market industry in the form of project-based solutions in technology and related business process. Our expertise in the capital market covers the major functional areas for front, middle and back offices.

We provide consulting services across multiple products and business units including Fixed Income, Equities, Foreign Exchange and Money Markets, and Mortgage Backed securities, credit and derivatives. We provide training to our employees for ongoing domain expertise to gain solid foundation in the fundamentals of finance, related technologies and business processes.

EZ Solutions provides optimal framework for web-based and straight through architecture for operations and systems solutions, clearing settlement business process for sell-side broker/dealers and business side asset management firms. As a pioneer in innovative solutions and technologies, the company has vast experience in a broad spectrum of mission-critical offerings that include B2B and B2C financial expertise integration, electronic trading, financial portal, and market data and exchange automation solutions.


At EZ Solutions, we combine a thorough understanding of the healthcare marketplace. We also try a better approach to developing cost-justified solutions - and align them with time-to-market requirements. EZ Solutions provides a combination of technology as well as healthcare subject matter expertise.

Healthcare is an ever-changing industry that has both risks and opportunities. Health Plans are facing escalating care costs, important new legislative changes, rising consumerism and new technology-enabled capabilities. Providers are dealing with rising labor and supply costs, restrictive regulations, physician unrest and dissatisfaction. Life Sciences companies are confronted by increased competition through consolidation, patent exposure, growing federal regulations, longer pipelines and consumer backlash against the high cost of medication.

This environment even though uncertain, creates enormous opportunity for our clients. We are helping companies to become leaders in their markets and with their customers. In many instances, we aggregate the services and products of our alliance partners with our own into complete business solutions.

Our pre-developed tools, methodologies and experience allow us to implement faster and more effectively, while still customizing the solution to best fit our clients' needs.


EZ Solutions provides Telecom solutions that cover the entire spectrum of the Telecom space. Our solutions include mobile applications, middleware products, and mCommerce consulting services. Our Telecom applications are focused on delivering specific industry solutions in the areas of Finance, Insurance, Banking, Healthcare, Retail, Media and Entertainment.

EZ Solutions endeavors to grow and be reckoned as a Wireless leader and aims to partner with established Telecom companies in the USA, Europe and Australia. To start with, its focus will be on designing, developing and deploying portals for banking applications. By harnessing the best programming methods, analyzing current market trends and focusing on component development it will build customized solutions for the Telecom world as well as middleware for protocols on GSM, GPRS and internetworking.

EZ Solutions has developed domain expertise in the area of niche wireless technologies by developing high profile, multi-utility solutions for all mobile applications with a focus on mobile phones and terminals.

EZ Solutions' special emphasis is on 3G applications and on creating awareness in domains including travel, GIS, entertainment and multimedia services. Apart from leveraging Wireless Application Protocol and other internetworking protocols for system solutions, our business plans include a strategy to develop content server information, mobile portals and components for mobile telephone majors. The company is now looking into the area of wireless applications and the software for mobile phone dialing, voice synthesis and activation. The company plans to develop mobile commerce applications as products and services modules to content providers or phone manufacturers.


EZ Solutions Insurance Center of Excellence helps you customize offerings, better manage your sales channel, and reduce costs.

Insurers are relying more than ever on external service providers to develop and manage applications that will provide a swift ROI and help them differentiate their businesses.

EZ Solutions is solving key problems for clients:

Making P&C, life & business products and services stand out in a crowded industry Supporting agency sales and services with systems that go directly to the customer as well as cutting maintenance costs in half to free up more resources for new applications managing large heterogeneous system.

EZ Solutions helps insurance companies customize their offerings more rapidly to meet consumer and agent preferences and motivations. We also help integrate numerous front, back and mid-office systems to reduce costs, and improve business processes. Through large scale dedicated Offshore Development Centers insurance industry clients have realized the high value impact that a flexible, high quality, and nimble partner can provide.

EZ Solutions meets the insurance industry's most compelling needs through our end-to-end suite of solutions.

EZ Solutions can help your organization master today's competitive challenges, with high-quality, cost effective solutions covering:


We help build systems that help insurers automate the underwriting process, improving the ability to apply pricing rules more consistently to achieve a superior bottom line.

Agency and Channel Management

We help insurers build effective partner relationship management systems that drive down the cost of managing agent and independent broker relationships while providing more responsive and consistent service.

Claims Processing

We build solutions that automate this traditionally paper-intensive process, thereby dramatically lowering the cost of doing business. EZ Solutions is responsible for systems that process millions of transactions daily.

Business Intelligence

We can help build reporting and data warehousing systems that help insurers better understand the direction of their business.

Offshore Development

Get flexibility, cost efficiencies and high quality on a massive scale. EZ Solutions is the industry leader in ODCs for large insurance companies. EZ Solutions Offshore Development Centers help insurance companies do business better, cheaper and faster.


EZ Solutions knowledge and expertise covers the huge spectrum of innovative projects in the life sciences industry, including clinical trials systems, validation systems, FDA/21CFRPart11 compliance, web-based reporting, patient monitoring systems, electronic data capture, and bioinformatics.

From bioinformatics to clinical trials we deliver solutions that help utilize information effectively and transform key business practices. With an unparalleled dedication to quality, we help our clients prioritize, plan, and implement the right technology solutions to meet their needs.

Validation systems

Our competence in areas such as FDA governance and stipulations enables our clients to meet FDA guidelines while embracing new technologies. Our experts help clients develop and enhance their capabilities in a variety of areas.

Addressing all sectors of the industry, EZ Solutions Telecom industry practice delivers a wide range of solutions.

  • Validation systems - provide a unique blend of relevant and current knowledge, tools, and approaches to maintain all FDA-governed IT systems in a validated state.
  • 21CFRPart11 compliance - performs Electronic Record Electronic Signature (ERES) compliance studies; ensures integrity in system operations; prepares audit trails and develops validation policies and procedures and related documentation.
  • Clinical trial processes - Streamlines the process of building a complete, error-resistant system for entering, verifying, and managing clinical trial data.

Pharmaceutical manufacturing and medical device products and services.

  • Pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers
  • Ensure FDA compliance
  • Methodologies and tools
  • Understanding good clinical, laboratory, and manufacturing practices (GxP)
  • Customized applications
  • Target identification
  • Analytical capabilities
  • Compliance studies
  • Maintain process to ensure continued compliance
  • Biometric fingerprinting
  • Preparation of audit trail
  • Implementation of ERES solutions
  • Aggregate data for clinical and managerial analysis
  • Web portals
  • CRM implementation
  • Data warehousing and data mining
  • ERP solutions
  • Application maintenance and process management
  • New application development
  • Electronic data collection (EDC)
  • FDA reporting
  • Project based
  • Long-term strategic relationship
  • Support data collection
  • FDA governance and stipulations (SOP, GxP, etc.)
  • Core drug testing processes

Integrating Chemical Company Chains of Business

Chemical companies depend on proper and properly integrate chains of business.

Supply Chains. Compliance Chains. Partner Chains. Disposal Chains. Demand Chains. Administrative Chains.

Today, much technology exists to integrate some of these chains with your company. They travel under a variety of acronyms: SCM. CRM. DMS. HRMS. And, for chemical manufacturers and distributors that can fund them, they do an excellent job. But even then, they solve a piece of the integration issue, yet still leave behind their own silos. And for companies that can't afford them, the integration issue is as problematic as ever.

The answer to this complex problem is deceptively easy.

The Chemical Portal

The answer is creating a single portal, to serve as a secure and authenticated hub of information for all the current and new members of all your current and emerging chains of business. A way for chemical companies to introduce corporate document management and control, unify and accelerate business processes and production cycles, and bring all the members of your extended business community under a single and simple roof.

Portals provide a single access point for full partner integration. From document management to contact sharing. R&D progress to outsource management. MSDS distribution and spreadsheet development. Portals link all your chains into a single unified workpoint, which will allow you to:

  • Facilitate the efficiency of business processes.
  • Accelerate production, management and distribution of documents.
  • Increase contributor productivity.
  • Give all authenticated partners access to documents and revision history.
  • Create a single-point of contact information for all partners.

EZ Solutions creates these portals for chemical manufacturers and distributors, as well as for companies in a broad range of industries—across a broad and comprehensive range of technology platforms. Contact us today at PHONE or send an email to to to learn more about how we can drive swift and substantial business benefits to you.

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