Quality Assurance Services

Testing Services:

With today's focus on achieving more with fewer resources, applying consistent quality to the software engineering process is critical. Behind or over-budget development projects, never ending enhancements, and applications riddled with defects can ruin a company's reputation in today's value conscious climate. At a minimum, the costs of inadequate quality processes include lost opportunities, excessive corrective procedures, reduced competitiveness, and reduced profits. These costs, taken together, can outweigh the expenses associated with an application's development and implementation, as well as all future enhancements. Additional investment in prevention and appraisal measures frequently reduces the cost of failure and return significant savings to the organization.

EZ Solution’s Quality Management approach starts with a view of the entire organization and addresses the need for repeatable, consistent, and thorough quality assurance processes, standards, and guidelines. Implemented through solid test planning and management, software testing becomes a key element in ensuring quality and the long-term success of an organization.

Service Offerings

EZS has developed a range of software quality services to help your organization deliver defect-free software, on-time and within budget, to help you meet your business needs. The Software Quality Management Practice (SQM) provides specialty services in:

Software Testing and Validation

Quality Consulting

Test Automation

Software Testing and Validation

Software testing and validation can help your organization ensure that:

  • Failure costs are reduced by identifying defects earlier in the SDLC
  • Development and maintenance costs are reduced via repeatable and reusable testing processes
  • Products get to market sooner because of less rework
  • Risks are identified by knowing what has NOT been tested and what unresolved defects remain

Testing and Validation Services:

  • Testing Planning and Management
  • Integration Testing, Regression Testing, User Acceptance Testing
  • Functional Testing, Compatibility Testing
  • Outsourced Testing
  • Independent Test Teams
  • Testing Staff Augmentation

Quality Consulting

  • Improved process and software quality
  • Improved service to clients
  • Reduced exposure to risk
  • Ongoing improvement

Quality Consulting Services:

  • QA Process Assessment
  • Development and Implementation of Quality Processes
  • Testing, Problem Reporting and Tracking, Acceptance, Library Control, Change Control, etc.
  • Development and Implementation of Standards and Guidelines
  • Independent Quality Assurance

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