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EZ Solutions Inc. is the leading provider of Business Management Software and Consulting Services in the North-East Region of the United States. We are a team of qualified certified professionals who can help you with Microsoft Dynamics GP service plans more than a software maintenance program. These services help maximize the value of your investment while enabling you to enhance the productivity of your business through support, training, best practices, and product updates.

EZ Solutions can help you with the integration of your Microsoft Office System and other Microsoft products and technologies with Microsoft Dynamics GP. System Flexibility, Integrated security features and customization tools we provide will give you the ability to adapt the system t meet changing business needs with minimal cost.

Our solutions also provide you with ways to build stronger, more productive relationships with your key stakeholders, customers and trading partners. The extensive reporting and collaborative capabilities in Microsoft Dynamics GP will give you the information you need to make informed business decisions. It can also help you,

  • Automate a manual system with state-of-the-art accounting software
  • Replace outdated systems with open industry-leading productivity software
  • Deploy the latest business management suites for associations
  • Provide accurate job cost accounting through enterprise project accounting software
  • Manage your supply chain end-to-end using wholesale distribution software systems

Microsoft Dynamics GP:

Microsoft Dynamics GP provides a solid foundation for unifying processes. Its outstanding financial tools enhance the visibility and control of your business health, resulting in more confident and smarter decisions. It’s cost-effective and reliable, delivered by a vast network of trusted service providers, and backed by extensive service and support.

  • Familiar to your people
  • Fits with your existing Microsoft System
  • Fuels your business productivity
  • Enables confident decision making

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a richly featured business management solution that allows you to use familiar, powerful software to operate and grow your business. Microsoft Dynamics GP removes needless obstacles to the productivity and effectiveness of the people and processes in your business. Connecting all your business processes in one streamlined, flexible management infrastructure, Microsoft Dynamics GP allows your people to do their jobs in the way they like, at outstanding levels of productivity.

Our Microsoft Dynamics GP Practice Areas at a Glance:

Financial Management:

EZ Solutions can help you equip your business with automated, customizable and integrated financial operations that let you leverage financial data to make strategic decisions quickly. Our expertise with Microsoft Dynamics GP can help you support with Financial Management software for you to master your financial data and processes, taking full advantage of the information your financial system needs.

Benefits for your financial services

Provide your people a holistic view of the client: By collecting data from multiple databases throughout the company in real time, your people can more effectively service the prospect and offer new and more profitable products/services.

Improve banking customer service: Renew channels such as automatic teller machines (ATMs), call centers, teller systems, or in-branch advisor systems with reusable business components that set the stage for cross-channel consistency and improved customer service.

Drive greater profitability: Empower your people to help increase the profitability of the retail branch, advisor storefront, or insurance agency/brokerage through improved customer service and a better ability to provide clients with a full range of financial products and services

Cut back on the administrative burden to financial advisors: Enable financial advisors to work more effectively and efficiently across information sources and distribution channels to better service clients. By integrating systems, advisors can gain a more holistic view of the customer and a better chance of identifying products they can successfully cross-sell.

Link disconnected insurance business processes and systems: Create an integrated set of applications and workflow processes that span distribution networks, service providers, policy administrators, claims processing and re-insurance to create a seamless link between your people and the customer.

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EZ Solutions Can helps you with the solutions which offer integrated, adaptable business applications for small and medium-sized organizations and divisions of large enterprises. These integrated solutions will be delivered through our experienced Microsoft Certified Professionals. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers powerful, cost-effective resource planning and management tools that enable you to collaborate with trading partners, manage the entire financial life cycle of the manufacturing business process, and build a sustainable advantage in your industry.

Benefits to the manufacturers:

  • Integrate communication and collaboration
  • Provide accurate estimating and quoting
  • Deliver flexible production planning
  • Deliver outstanding customer service
  • Efficiently manage projects

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Microsoft Dynamics delivers a compelling suite of technologies to help retailers manage every aspect of their operations, from point-of-sale (POS) solutions to back-end inventory management and financials. These affordable, integrated applications enhance traditional enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and can be deployed quickly. It is easily adoptable and quick for Retailers to adopt new approaches and management technologies which can help them succeed. EZ Solutions can help them find ways to optimize inventory management while keeping products, especially high-demand products, in stock.

We can help you by providing an end-to-end integrated solution that feeds customer, inventory, sales, and supplier data from multiple stores into your back-end business management system. In this way, Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics RMS can help businesses such as yours to Speed data flow throughout the operation, Eliminate double entry and manual processes & Enhance financial management by tracking customer payments, inventory receipts, and sales transactions.

Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics solutions for retail

Empower stores to succeed. Customizable POS screens can help you to check prices and availability, locate stock quickly, and improve customer interactions. Gain access to complete customer information, and process returns, backorders, and layaways to meet purchasing needs.

Develop a customer-centric focus. Customer relationship management (CRM) capabilities help you gather and analyze real-time data to respond to customer demand. Offer efficient, personalized service that can evolve into a lasting customer relationship, expedite checkouts, use preference information to up-sell, and give automatic discounts to frequent shoppers

Optimize inventory management. Cost-effectively track sales by SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and calculate turnover rates for a single item, merchandise category, or your entire organization. Mid-sized retailers can leverage back-office applications that centralize inventory tracking for chain stores, catalog operations, and e-business retailers

Take advantage of flexible, powerful reporting. Accurate reporting tools help your organization make better decisions, improve efficiencies, manage inventory, and increase sales. Simplify end-of-day reporting, view and print journals by batch or receipt number, and run reports by SKU, store, or region. Access detailed audit reports or create custom reports with third-party software solutions, and upload the data with ease.

Distribution: :

This is the time to shift to more advanced distribution management processes as increasing competition and disintermediation concerns grow. These trends are driving changes in distributors’ business relationships and processes. Customer service expectations are also expanding. Major customers and vendors are requiring specific service-level agreements and compliant technology business processes.

EZ Solutions can help you with the Microsoft Dynamics Feature which offers a powerful technology platform that gives distributors the critical resources they need to manage every aspect of their business, from order entry and procurement to sophisticated inventory and shipment management. This will maintain tight control over distribution and streamline your distribution cycle to gain competitive edge. These integrated applications can be deployed quickly and inexpensively without complicated customization or drawn-out implementation projects.

Benefits for the Distributors:

  • Enhance business operations
  • Improve supply-chain processes
  • Streamline inventory management
  • Access accurate information more quickly

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